Longwood Primary school and Nursery Little Oaks pride ourselves on the provision provided for all our pupils. All staff undertake 
assessments to ensure our pupils are making appropriate progress. This assessment is conducted in a variety of ways including daily marking, talking to the pupils, observations, teacher assessments, data analysis and more formal tests as the pupil reaches Year 2.
If a pupil is working below expected levels for their age, or if they have not made progress over time a meeting is held with the Parents or Carers to discuss our concerns and suggest how specific provision can be delivered to ensure the pupil is given every opportunity to make progress. There are formal parents meetings each term, where parents can meet with the teacher and additional meeting can be booked by parents if needed at any time however booking through the office is required. All our pupils are also given a home school communication diary; this is used mainly to record reading at home but parental concerns can also be recorded in this book. If a pupil has been identified has having special educational needs extra communication takes place with the special needs coordinator and additional meetings are held depending up on the individual needs.

Support for our pupils

The class teacher and Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) work together to develop a programme to meet the needs of the individual pupil ensuring that the curriculum is accessible for all. The SENCo is responsible for monitoring progress, communicating with the parents, teacher and teaching assistant through all stages of development. The SENCo will also seek additional support from outside agencies should this be required. Should this be required it will be explained in detail during a parents evening. Parents are requested to give permission in the form of a signature for outside agencies to work with their child.

The Curriculum

At Longwood our pupils are taught in single age classes however we acknowledge that within that age group is a vast range of abilities and as a result teachers are very skilled at adapting planning to meet the varying needs in each classroom. Planning, books and lessons scrutinises ensure the work is set at an appropriate level. Half termly meetings also take place between teachers to give them opportunities to share professional expertise.

Pupil Progress

We encourage our parents to book additional appointments via the school office as frequently as required to address any concerns they may have about their own child. In additional to this the SENCo may request additional appointments throughout the year to discuss how we can best offer support or continue to meet the needs of your child. If multi agencies are involved in your child’s education the school with invite all people working with the child to meet with the school and parents, this usually takes place during the school day. Individual Education plans are produced and amended as each target is achieved and progress is reported via parents evening, school reports or verbally if required.

Pupils Well Being

Our staff regularly undertake specialist training to ensure we can deliver an effective service to our pupils. Our staff are hold paediatric first aid and first aid qualifications. Some members of staff have attending mental health training, attachment training, dyslexia awareness, speech and language training and precision teaching to support our pupil’s needs. Pupils concerns are shared through PSHE lessons or pupils can use our “time out” cards to discuss personal concerns with our SENCo or Assistant SENCo.

We only administer prescribed medicines which have to be stored in the first aid cupboard or staff refrigerator. All medicines administered are recorded. Staff have all received eippen training and diabetes awareness. Pupil voice is valued at Longwood and the opportunity to share their views is regularly collated on their individual education plan, school report and in questionnaires at the end of the year.

Specialist Provision

Although my staff are highly trained we do not currently employ specific specialist staff however we do use a range of agencies on a regular basis and will seek guidance whenever required. At the present time we engage regularly with the following outside agencies:

  • Speech and language therapist
  • Education Psychologist
  • Staffordshire Specialist Education Needs Service
  • Behaviour Support
  • Children and Mental Health Service
  • School Nurse
  • High School teacher for gifted children
  • Dyslexia Centre

Specific Training Needs

Training is regularly updated and specific training that may be required is undertaken as required. Some members of staff have attending mental health training, dyslexia awareness, speech and language training and precision teaching to currently support our pupil’s needs.

Educational Trips

All pupils are invited on educational school trips and these are adapted according to the pupil’s need. If the pupil has a statement or Educational Health Care plan then they will be provided with one to one or small group support on school trips. If medical support is needed this is discussed with parents or carers before the trip takes place to ensure we can meet his/her needs. If a pupil has behaviour difficulties and we are concerned about his/her safety on a school trip parents will be asked to discuss how these needs are met before the trip takes place and a risk assessment undertaken.

Accessibility at Longwood

Adaptations have been made to improve accessibility around the main school and nursery however access into the classrooms is currently not suitable for all children especially in Key Stage 2 as these are entered via a step. We have a disabled toilet in our nursery building. The school grounds are surrounded by high fencing for security and safety of our pupils and staff.

Transition across the phase groups

Pupils from Longwood Primary transfer to a range of educational settings at the end of Year 6. The Year 7 coordinator from a range of KS3 providers are invited into school to talk to children before they transfer. Our pupils also attended visit days to the local high school during Year 5 and Year 6. Transition from our Nursery – Little Oaks into our Reception is undertaken throughout the year however in the summer term this is undertaken weekly to ensure a smooth transition for all our pupils.

The SENCo currently works with our nursery pupils and is happy to attend transition meetings with parents and the school they will be attending with parents. The SENCo also invites the KS3 SENCo into school to meet the parents and our pupils as required; additional transition sessions are arranged depending upon specific needs. If parents do not want to do this all relevant paperwork is sent to the new setting so that the provision can be in place prior to admission to the new setting. This enable a smooth transfer is undertaken and relieve parents and pupils of any concerns.


The Special Educational Needs budget is spent according to needs identified. The majority of the money is used for teaching assistant support to provide our pupils with specific intervention programmes. This can be delivered one to one, in class or with small groups of pupils.

Allocation of support

The senior leadership team and teachers meet half termly to discuss individual needs of all pupils. An analysis of the data is used to identify pupils who need the most support. Upon the conclusion of these meetings the intervention timetable is adapted to provide support to the pupils who have the most needs or have made limited progress over time. This is regularly monitored and recorded at least every six weeks.

Parental Support

Although the SENCo and class teacher write the individual education plan the child and parents are encouraged to share their views. Parents are also encouraged to engage within their child’s learning by attending our inspire sessions, fun workshops, and informing the staff of any changes that have or may happen that we can assist with.

Further Information

If you would like to discuss your child further please contact us via phone on 01827 475030 and we will make an appointment with the relevant person. This would usually be the teacher and/or the SENCo.

If you are moving your child from another school setting please contact the school directly to see if there are places available. If your child is due to start Reception class in September applications must be made via Staffordshire county council, even if your child attends our Nursery- Little Oaks, details can be found on our website.